Saliva Fertility Test

Submitted by Nic on October 16, 2012

What is a saliva fertility test?

A saliva fertility test is a home test that you take, in order to determine your most fertile period. Did you know that when you ovulate, your saliva starts forming a fern-like pattern that can be seen quite distinctly under a microscope? This occurs because of the increase in the salinity of the saliva. This fern-like pattern starts making an appearance around 3 days before you ovulate. A saliva fertility test kit consists of a personal ovulation microscope, through which you can observe the changing patterns that appear in your saliva. As you notice the formation of the ferns pattern, you will know what your most fertile period is.

How does saliva fertility test work?

Saliva fertility test instructions are present with all testing kits and all you need to do is follow them carefully. In most cases, the instructions are fairly simple; you just need to apply some of your saliva on to a slide and wait for around 5 minutes or so. Then, you need to insert the slide into the magnifying scope, so that you can look for the fern-like pattern and predict ovulation and your most fertile period. For more accurate saliva fertility test results, take the test first thing in the morning, before you brush your teeth. Activities like eating, drinking and brushing teeth could interfere with the results of the fertility test. In case you have no choice but to take the test later during the day, make sure that you wait for at least three hours after you eat, drink or brush your teeth.


Studies indicate that the results of a saliva fertility test are around 98% accurate, when all the instructions are accurately adhered to. In fact, many women prefer using a saliva fertility test, as compared to other ovulation prediction tests for many different reasons. The saliva fertility test is discreet, easy to use and can be used more than once. However, some of the other factors that can interfere with the results of the test include pregnancy, estrogen supplements, hormonal imbalances, recent discontinuation of medication or birth control pills and menopause.

You can use the saliva fertility test to predict ovulation even if your menstrual cycle is not regular. It is best for you to take the test on a daily basis, and record the reading on a fertility calendar or chart. Do bear in mind that a saliva fertility test cannot be used like a contraceptive method.

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