How much does a lyme disease test cost?

September 6, 2011

Lyme disease is a common condition and therefore questions on Lyme disease cost are not uncommon. Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that occurs when an individual is bitten by a tick carrying the disease. If you have visited the wild or a semi-urban habitation there is a possibility that you have contracted the disease as these ticks are commonly found in such areas. Lyme disease ticks tend to pick up the infection from infected rodents and certain animals that are known carriers of this type of disease. Individuals who are exposed to the outdoors tend to be at a higher risk of developing Lyme disease. There is also a possibility that you may have infected because of domestic pets that you may have at home. If you have symptoms of the disease some of the most likely questions are what are the tests for lyme disease and how much does a lyme disease test cost. General hygiene for one’s pets is essential to prevent the spread of Lyme disease. One may also wear protective clothing while roaming in grassy or forested areas where Lyme disease ticks are known to be present.

An individual suffering from Lyme disease will have symptoms of itching, fever, chills, muscle pain and general malaise. The most common test for Lyme disease is the ELISA blood test which is used to screen a sample of blood for the presence of the bacteria. Patients who have advanced conditions associated with Lyme disease may need to undergo tests such as electrocardiograms, spinal taps and MRI scans. These are done to look for damage caused to vital organs and systems of the body such as the brain, the heart and the spinal cord.

The Lyme disease test cost is based entirely on the location where the individual is undergoing the test. Some locations offer free medical care whereas others may offer medical care only to those who are covered by health insurance. One must therefore consult with one’s doctor in order to figure out the Lyme disease test cost. The Lyme disease test cost is also determined by the stage of the condition. When the individual is suffering from an advanced stage of the condition, the test will be more expensive as it will also cover imaging analysis that is conducted as explained above.

While it is important to know the Lyme disease test price, it is more important to undergo such a test and to get treatment for the condition. If Lyme disease is allowed to progress, the individual may suffer from life threatening consequences. Hence, one should ignore the Lyme disease test rate and go in for the test if any of the telltale symptoms of Lyme disease are found to be present in the body.

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