What is the normal range levels for Beta 2?

April 14, 2010

Beta 2 micro globulin is a component molecule of the cells in the human body. Its levels tend to be elevated when a person is suffering from a particular type of cancer. This feature of the Beta 2 micro globulin makes it useful in the diagnosis of various types of diseases. Like many other markers for diseases, the Beta 2 micro globulin does not identify a specific cancer or condition. The Brta 2 micro globulin is useful to confirm a diagnosis and to monitor the levels of the infection and the response that a person might have to the treatment given for it. Beta 2 micro globulin levels are also useful to diagnose kidney problems. Damage may have occurred to the kidney and this can be tested using the Beta 2 micro globulin test.

When diagnosing myeloma the Beta 2 micro globulin is useful to determine its severity. It can also be used to determine the spread and severity of cancers such as leukemia or lymphoma.

There are different types of kidney problems that are associated with different parts of the organ. When testing for which condition has affected the kidney, a doctor might need to perform a Beta 2 micro globulin test in order to differentiate between various kidney function problems that present themselves with identical symptoms.

As mentioned earlier, the test results for Beta 2 micro globulin cannot be used to make a diagnosis as they do not point to any specific disease or cancer. When Beta 2 micro globulin is detectable in the urine, it is already considered to be at a high enough level to be noted as a sign of some problem. Beta 2 micro globulin level is a marker for tumors, disease, and kidney function problems. It is safe to assume that a patient with a high level of Beta 2 micro globulin is likely to have a low chance of surviving a cancer because this high level indicates that the cancer is both strong and has spread around the body or the organ that is affected.

The normal range for Beta 2 micro globulin in a test is extremely low. If there is no detection in a urine test, it is assumed that the level of Beta 2 micro globulin is within the safe range. For blood tests, this safe range is between 1 and 4 mg/ml in a healthy individual. An elevated result should be a source of concern and must be followed up by a visit to the doctor.

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