Information on Ultrasound and CT Abdomen Scanning

Submitted on March 27, 2012

The torso of the human body is divided into three major cavities that contain different organs and body systems. The chest cavity is the upper most cavity with the abdominal cavity below it and the pelvic cavity being the base of the torso. The chest cavity and the abdominal cavity are separated by a diaphragm that helps with the operation of the lungs.

What is a Abdomen Scan?

An abdomen scan is any scan that is conducted to check the state of organs and systems within the abdominal cavity. There are many important organs and organ systems present within the abdominal cavity. These systems include the gall bladder, pancreas, stomach, small intestine, kidneys and a number of other critical organ systems. An abdomen scan is thus a very general term used for any type of scan that is conducted on this area of the body. An abdomen scan is conducted using the ultrasound or CT scan imaging devices. Abdominal scanning is conducted as a way of looking within the body without performing invasive surgery. Invasive surgery is less convenient, more dangerous and more costly than scanning.

Abdominal scanning is conducted to check the functioning of the digestive system and the renal system. These two systems are crucially important to the individual's general health. Blockages and abnormal growths in these systems need to be sorted out quickly before they adversely affect the functioning of the body. Kidney issues and digestive issues can create serious long term health problems for the individual. It is therefore essential that these two organ systems function properly and efficiently.

Ultrasound and CT Abdomen Scan

An ultrasound abdomen scan is one method of scanning the abdominal cavity. The ultrasound abdomen scanning procedure is conducted for women who are pregnant. Ultrasound scanning is effective for determining the growth and status of the fetus as it develops within the womb of the mother.

Besides the ultrasound scan, the CT abdomen scan is also widely conducted. An abdomen scan can be conducted in any clinic or hospital that is equipped with such medical equipment. There are a number of precautions that need to be taken before a patient is allowed to undergo a scan. In most cases, patients will need to remove all their jewelry as well as their clothing. Loose hospital gowns will be provided to patients while they undergo abdominal scanning. For an ultrasound abdomen scan, the scanner will come into direct contact with the patient's stomach as it needs to be pressed against the belly to produce clear images. Your concerns regarding the scan can always be shared with your doctor who will help you with a clear understanding of the same.