Information On Mental Stress Test

Submitted by Nic on October 17, 2012

Stress is a medical problem that affects millions of people across the world. Under normal circumstances, an individual actually performs better when he or she is under stress. However, the problem is that most people tend to gradually develop the condition of chronic stress and this is when mental stress test is required. When the body is under stress it will release hormones that will boost the functioning of the heart and the brain. When the body is under chronic stress, there will be a continuous exposure to these chemicals within the body. This can create many life threatening problems in the body. Studies have shown that exaggerated periods of stress may cause hardening of blood vessels, chronic high blood pressure, concentration problems and other health issues. Stress is also a risk factor for the development of heart conditions and brain aneurysms. Thus, one must do everything within one's power to avoid suffering from chronic stress.

A mental stress test is used to determine if the individual is suffering from chronic stress. Unlike a normal stress test, the mental stress test involves the psychological evaluation of the individual. Mental stress testing also involves the use of blood testing, blood pressure monitoring and general health monitoring. In a blood test, one might find higher than normal levels of stress related hormones. A mental stress test may be conducted over a series of visits to various different doctors who will examine aspects related to cardiac health, respiratory health and mental health.

Mental stress testing is becoming increasingly important as it has been found that people in high pressure work environments tend to suffer from the long term effects of stress. The use of a mental stress test can help to identify such a problem which will lead to the individual eventually taking the steps to help curb the issue. One of the key factors in a mental stress test is the heart rate of the individual. This may be higher or lower than normal because of the increased blood pressure experienced by people who suffer from stress. Medication can be used to calm the individual's body down, but this is only temporary. A major lifestyle change must take place in order to ensure that the individual recovers from the effects of stress and does not face serious life threatening conditions. One may also undergo a mental stress test for depression because stress is a known trigger that causes or contributes to depression.

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