Home Fertility Test For Men

Submitted by Nic on November 20, 2012

In case you and your partner have been having frequent and unprotected sex for over a year, but have not been able to conceive, it is only natural for your health care provider to recommend a fertility test for both of you. Unfortunately, since medical fertility tests do cost hundreds of dollars, it is not uncommon for couples to first opt for an at home fertility test for men and women. There are some kits that only have an at home fertility test for men or women, whereas others contain both.

What is a Home Fertility Test for Men?

A home fertility test for men can be described as an easy and convenient way in which men can know their sperm count and in some cases, sperm quality too. In order to take the test, you need to provide a fresh semen sample, so that the test can let you know whether your sperm count is adequate enough for impregnation or not. You get to know the results in about 20 to 30 minutes.

A home fertility test for men usually contains all the supplies required for carrying out the test, like a cup, a dropper, a test cassette and some testing solution. You need to collect a sample of your sperm in the cup. Then, with the dropper, pour the required amount into the test cassette. After 15 minutes or so, add the colored solution to your sperm sample.

After a short while, there may be some staining or even changes in the color of the sperm. Almost all kits come with a reference chart, which will let you know if your sperm count is more than 20 million per milliliter or not. If the change in color is significant, it means that you are fertile, whereas a light color or no change in color is an indication of low sperm count. In such instances, it is important to consult a doctor immediately. Early infertility treatment can improve your chances of conceiving to a great extent.


The cost of a home fertility test for men could vary, depending upon the equipment provided in the kit, as well as the number of tests. Basic home fertility tests cost around $30 to $50. However, some tests come with a microscope, to check for motility; the costs for these tests are much higher.

Accuracy of the Test

The accuracy of a home fertility test for men varies, depending upon the brand. Some of the tests are believed to be correct 97% of the times. However, an at home fertility test for men should never be used as a substitute for an evaluation carried out by a doctor.

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