Reasons, Preparation & Procedure For Breast Enlargement Surgery

Submitted on March 27, 2012

Breast enlargement is one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery that has gained notoriety in the world. This is because of either the social consequences in getting an enlargement and implant, or from the scary cases of implants rupturing and spontaneously deflating the breast in a few seconds. Plastic surgery breast enhancement is not a perfect art with most implants used failing after thirty years. The opposite of this procedure is a breast reduction or tummy tuck breast augmentation to remove adipose tissue and is similar to a regular tummy tuck procedure. Using cosmetic surgery for breast enlargement is a technique that has been around for almost two centuries with some odd artifacts being used for the procedure over time from the first being a paraffin injection to the modern day silicone implants.  The horror stories from most breast enlargement surgeries have also given rise to the search for natural breast enlargement techniques. One of these techniques is the pueraria mirifica breast enhancement. This technique uses the herb after which it is named. The herb is a native of Thailand and contains copious amounts of phytoestrogen – a plant variant of human estrogen that is as effective. Since mammary tissue responds to the amount of estrogen in the body, increasing the levels do have an effect over time.

Why Breast Enlargement is done

Breast enlargement surgery is usually performed and prescribed medically for conditions in which the breast tissue has not grown to a level that is satisfactory by regular standards. It is worth noting that the surgery will not improve performance of breast tissue but only give it the appearance of largesse.


Preparing for a breast enlargement surgery is the same as preparing for any other surgery. This means that you must talk to your doctor and understand the procedure, understand where the incisions are going to be made, understand the risks of rupture over time, and how long the recovery time will take. Additionally, also talk to your doctor about all the medications you are taking and fast for 8 hours before the surgery.


The procedure itself could vary depending on the type of augmentation that needs to be done. For example, breast implants augmentation could possibly also involve the replacement of any implants that have ruptured. With introduction of laser surgery and other scar reduction techniques the visible signs on any incisions are greatly reduced. The implants could be placed at a glandular, muscular, or fascial level.