Procedure and Risks Involved In a Breast Reduction Surgery

Submitted on March 27, 2012

Breast reduction

Also known as breast reduction mammoplasty, a breast reduction surgery removes extra skin and tissue from the breasts to make them smaller and more proportionate to the body. Breast areola reduction is also done to make the nipple smaller.

In breast reduction cosmetic surgery, the cosmetic surgeon makes a few cuts in the breast to remove the excess tissue and skin. After that has been done, the skin is stitched up. In some cases, the areola and nipple have to be taken out and stitched in a new place. There is a chance of loss of sensation in the nipple as it has been detached from the nerves. General anesthesia is used to carry out this surgery. The surgery can take about three to five hours.

Breast lift

Also known as mastopexy, in this surgery some skin is removed to lift up the breasts. This surgery is done to lift up drooping or sagging breasts. This procedure is necessary for women with large and heavy breasts that sag because of the weight. A breast lift can cause the nipple and areola to move up too.

After the breast reduction surgery: After the surgery is carried out, the incisions are covered with gauze and the breasts are either supported with a surgical bra or wrapped with elastic bandage. Sometimes a small tube is inserted into each breast to help drain out fluid and blood. This is done only for the first few days. It takes one or two weeks to remove the stitches.

Women have pain in the breasts for a few days after surgery, and then might have minor discomfort. You surgeon might prescribe certain medicines to cope with the pain or discomfort. You may have bruising or swelling for quite some time after surgery. You must wear the surgical bra all through the day to support the breasts and reduce swelling.

You can get back to your normal life after a few weeks from the surgery. However you will be asked to avoid strenuous exercise and lifting heavy objects for a few more weeks. Even later, you will have to wear a good bra that can support the breasts well.

You will have scars on your breasts and these will take time to fade away. However, while wearing a swimsuit, these areas might get covered.

Risks involved in Breast Reduction Surgery

Some of the risks of breast reduction surgery include visible scars, swelling and redness in the initial days after surgery, unevenly positioned nipples, breasts of different sizes, loss of sensation in the breasts or nipples, or, the inability to breast-feed after the surgery.