Procedure For Conducting a Face X-Ray Scan

Submitted on March 27, 2012

The face is the area of the human head which begins below the hairline and ends at the chin. This is the front area of the head which houses the eyes, nose and mouth. The face is of great importance when it comes to expressions used for communication.

An X-ray image is an image designed to make the bones beneath the surface of the skin visible. These bones form the sub-structure of any part of the body and make this part of the body strong and rigid. In some cases, X-ray images are used to examine cavities in the body to check if these cavities contain fluid or abnormal substances.

What is a Face X-Ray?

A face X-ray is a procedure used to prepare an X-ray image of the face including the bones of the skull behind the face and the cavities in the head that are filled with air. The sinus cavity is one such cavity that is scanned using an X-ray procedure. The facial X-ray procedure is used to specifically check the structures of the face for the abnormal development of tumors and for an abnormal collection of fluid. An individual suffering from sinusitis, for example, may undergo a facial X-ray to check if the sinuses are blocked and also to check to what extent the blockage has affected the individual.

Scan and Images

A face x-ray image is also generated when an individual has suffered from an injury which may have cracked or broken some bone in the face. X-ray images are used for most types of injuries sustained by individuals. This procedure is conducted to check if the bones beneath the surface of the skin and tissue have been cracked or broken. Cracked and broken bones need to be completely immobilized so that they can heal. It is therefore essential for a face X-ray image to be generated in order to determine if there is some serious physical damage that has occurred to the facial bones. The facial X-ray procedure is conducted on individuals who have unexplained pain in their facial bones as well. This pain may be associated with an old injury that, at the time, did not prompt any medical intervention or checkup.

The procedure for a face X-ray scan is exactly the same as any X-ray scan. The patient’s face will be placed between the panel that sends out X-ray waves and the panel that receives the waves and generates an image.