Information On Flap Procedure

Submitted on March 27, 2012

The gums are the base on which the teeth are anchored in the mouth. The gums are where the roots of the teeth are located. Several blood vessels and nerve endings are present in the gums as well. The gums themselves are mounted on the upper and lower jaw bones.

Oral hygiene is something that is of great importance to the health of an individual. Oral hygiene is a daily practice, something that needs to be inculcated at an early age. Over time, good oral hygiene will ensure that the chances of disease and infection in the mouth are reduced. The individual should wash and clean his or her mouth regularly to ensure that the area remains trouble free throughout life. Oral hygiene is not an accident, it is a cumulative effect of good habits over a period of time.

Flap Procedure For Gum Disease

Gum disease is usually triggered off by poor oral hygiene. The consumption of substances that may weaken the gums is also responsible for the same. These substances may include things like extremely cold or extremely hot beverages. Gum disease is usually treated with antibiotics. These are used to kill the infectious substance in the mouth. However, in serious cases, this is not effective. Instead, the patient has to undergo a flap procedure for gum disease. A flap procedure is used to clear out the infection and repair any damage that can be repaired. The flap procedure is particularly important when the bones of the teeth have been damaged by gum disease. The flap procedure for gum disease is a surgical procedure. The doctor will use some form of anesthesia to ensure that no pain is felt during the procedure. After a flap procedure, the patient will not be able to eat any food for a while. Instead, semi solid and liquid items may be ingested.

Procedure For Wounds, Decubitus, Eloesser and Tram

There is an application for a flap procedure for wounds as well. A flap procedure for wounds may be necessary to keep that area of the skin functional. This applies to areas around the lip, for example. A flap procedure for wounds may also be a cosmetic procedure to cover up unsightly wounds. Similarly, an abbe flap procedure may be used to cover up wounds around the lip area. This applies to patients with defects such as cleft lip or patients who have abnormal tumors or growths in this area. As mentioned above, the main aim of a flap procedure is to improve the look of the affected area. Besides this there are other flap procedures also that could be conducted for the various parts of the body. The flap procedure for decubitus ulcers, eloesser flap procedure and tram flap procedure are some of the other procedures that are commonly carried out on people.