Gated Blood Pool Scan

Submitted on March 27, 2012

The heart is the main pumping organ of the human body that helps to circulate blood around the body. Blood circulation is one of the basic functions of the human body. The circulation of blood ensures that nutrition, oxygen, hormones and other substances are delivered to their destinations. The circulation of blood also ensures that waste is effectively removed from the body. The heart may suffer from a number of different problems during the life of an individual. Some of these problems are associated with genetic issues whereas others are associated with the lifestyle and general habits of the individual. Heart issues tend to develop over time until they reach the point where they may cause a sudden cardiac event, something that is extremely dangerous for the health of the individual. The heart may also suffer from problems if there are blockages in major blood vessels in the body. This would cause the heart extra stress and make it work harder to pump blood.

What is a Gated Blood Pool Scan?

A gated blood pool scan is a scan used to determine how blood tends to settle or pool in the various chambers of the heart. This gated blood pool scan can be used to determine if the heart is working optimally or if it is under strain. The gated blood pool scan is conducted using a radioisotope that is injected into the body. This isotope is often combined with red blood cells in such a way that the cells are marked and become visible under scanning.

Cardiac Gated Blood Pool Scan

The scanner used for a gated blood pool scan is designed to pick up the radiation from these radioisotopes. The cardiac gated blood pool scan can be conducted with the individual at rest or with the individual under stress. Stress is induced through exercise. A lot of problems with the heart and circulation show up under stress rather than when the individual is relaxing. Therefore, the stress angle is often explored by doctors while conducting a gated blood pool scan.

Gated Blood Pool Scan Using a Radioisotope

The gated blood pool scan using a radioisotope is conducted in a clinic or hospital with emergency medical equipment ready in case of any problem. The results of a gated blood pool scan are extremely important. The doctor may discover some problem in the heart or circulatory system that, if left unattended, could cause serious health problems. The gated blood pool scan is conducted over a period of an hour as it takes time for the injected isotopes to reach the heart and be scanned.