Procedure & Preparation of a Gynecological Exam

Submitted on March 27, 2012

A gynecologist is a doctor who specializes in the female reproductive system and its various functions and problems. The female reproductive system is a complicated and constantly functioning system that goes through cycles or phases during each menstrual cycle. Menstruation is the process where the reproductive system clears itself out and resets for the next cycle. The functions of the female reproductive system are governed by various hormones. Hormonal problems may create issues with the normal functioning of the female reproductive system.

Procedure For Conducting a Gynecological Exam

A gynecological exam is an examination conducted to check the various parts of the female reproductive system. A gynecological exam is a regular medical procedure that needs to be conducted throughout the life of a female. The gynecological exam cost would depend and vary from one clinic to another. It is important however for a gynecological exam to be conducted to ensure that there is no abnormality in the reproductive system. Many issues and abnormalities can be corrected or managed using medication. The first gynecological exam is usually conducted when the girl is approaching 18 years of age. This is done to check if the structures of the reproductive system are normal.

The gynecological exam procedure features several different steps which need to be conducted. These steps include the examination of the outer part of the reproductive system as well as inner parts of the system. Some of the aspects of the gynecological exam procedure may be uncomfortable for the patient, either because of discomfort or because of the mental discomfort associated with the process.

During a gynecological exam, the patient will sit in a special chair with her legs raised up in stirrups. This allows the doctor easy access to the external reproductive organs. During the test, a device may be inserted into the vagina to open it up so that the internal structures can be viewed and accessed. A number of different infections can affect the female reproductive system. A scrape or smear of the lining of the cervix will be collected so that it can be analyzed for diseases and infections.

Gynecological Exam During Period and Preparation

Regular gynecological exams should be conducted for women who are sexually active, particularly for women who have had multiple sexual partners. Gynecological exam during period may also be conducted if the woman is experiencing problems with her menstrual flow. The first gynecological exam is usually difficult for patients to go through. Following this, subsequent gynecological exams should not pose much of a problem to the patient. For this reason, most girls are accompanied by their mothers when they go for their first gynecological exam so that they feel more comfortable. There would not be any major gynecological exam preparation required, though the individual would need to be mentally prepared for the same.