Hair Analysis For Hair Loss, Drug Test and Kits

Submitted on March 27, 2012

Hair grows in various places on the human body. Men tend to develop more body hair than women. The amount of hair on one’s body is determined by factors that include genetics. However, regardless of race, most people tend to have a fairly thick distribution of hair on their scalp. Hair and its maintenance is the subject of millions of dollars of business every year. The hair on the head is also useful from a medical point of view.

Hair Analysis For Hair Loss

Hair analysis is performed to check the nature of the hair on the head. This is done for a number of different reasons including medical and legal reasons. Besides this hair analysis for hair loss is also commonly conducted. Medically speaking, the hair on an individual’s head contains evidence relating to a number of different aspects of the individual’s health. Using hair analysis, one can determine if the individual is suffering from some form of nutritional deficiency. This application of hair analysis is particularly useful when it comes to deficiencies of vitamins and minerals.  Vitamins and minerals are consumed in extremely small quantities when compared to other substances like proteins and carbohydrates. The requirement of vitamins and minerals is important when it comes to a number of different medical conditions that a person might suffer. Vitamins and minerals help with a range of different body functions. Any deficiency can cause numerous health problems. In most cases, vitamin and mineral deficiency is not absolute. Therefore, individuals tend to suffer from mild symptoms that are often ignored. Over time, these symptoms may create problems with the health of the individual.

Hair Analysis Test

Hair grows out of the scalp and gradually gets longer. Information gleaned during a hair analysis test will show the mineral and vitamin content of the individual’s body over time as the hair is growing out. This can be used to determine if an individual has been suffering from a vitamin or mineral deficiency. In many cases, people may consume the required nutrients before a health test which makes the test less honest. However, through hair analysis, the recent history of the individual can be checked.

Drug Test and Kits

The same applies for a hair analysis drug test. Drug tests conducted using hair analysis kit will show if the individual has consumed the drug within the past few days or weeks. This is useful when one wishes to enforce drug control legislation. A single hair is often more than enough for a hair analysis procedure to be conducted.