Results, Interpretation and Cost of Hepatitis B Test

Submitted on March 27, 2012

Hepatitis B is a type of disease that affects the liver. Any form of hepatitis affects the liver. Hepatitis B is one form of the disease that can be diagnosed using a hepatitis b test. The hepatitis b test is a standard blood test that can be conducted in any location. The analysis of the blood sample needs to be conducted in a laboratory where the blood is analyzed for various different factors. When it comes to the hepatitis b test, the blood is analyzed for antigens, antibodies and for the protein associated with the condition.

Hepatitis B is a condition that can be avoided if an individual is immunized. Many people will also suffer from the condition and, subsequently, recover. Both these groups of people will end up being immune to the condition. Such people should test negative for the antigen associated with hepatitis B and should test positive for the antibodies associated with hepatitis B.  It is possible that some individuals will be designated as carriers of the disease, even if they do not present with any visible symptoms.

Symptoms of Hepatitis B

The symptoms of hepatitis B tend to be quite confusing which is why the hepatitis B test is conducted in the first place. The reason for confusion when it comes to the hepatitis B condition is the fact that the symptoms resemble any number of different medical conditions. The only symptom that can be used to figure out that the patient has some form of hepatitis is jaundice. Other symptoms include fatigue, fever, nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite and joint pains. As one can understand, it is not possible to make any diagnosis when the patient experiences these symptoms.

Test Results, Interpretation and Cost

Hepatitis B is a condition that is classified as a sexually transmitted disease because it can be easily transmitted from a carrier to an individual who has not been immunized to the condition. There are other ways in which this disease can be transmitted as well such as if carriers are injured and they come into contact with other individuals. Hepatitis B transmission is also associated with HIV-AIDS. A number of people who die of HIV-AIDS actually succumb to an infection of hepatitis B. The hepatitis B test is therefore used for nearly all patients who suffer from HIV, especially those who are in areas where the disease is more prevalent than others.

The hepatitis B test usually takes less than a minute to perform from the patient’s point of view. The hepatitis B test results would be presented to you by the lab. It would be best to get the hepatitis B test interpretation done by your doctor. Also it is necessary that you speak to your doctor on the hepatitis B test cost as different testing labs would vary with the price.