Testing Kits and Equipment Used For Conducting Blood Pressure Test at Home

Submitted on March 27, 2012

Blood is the medium used for the transportation of various substances around the human body. Blood circulation is of prime importance when it comes to the health of the individual. The circulatory system is itself, susceptible to a number of different conditions. Blood pressure refers to the pressure with which the heart is pumping blood. Increased pressure is referred to as hypertension whereas reduced pressure is referred to as hypotension.

Blood pressure is measured using two pieces of data. These refer to the pressure during a pump and the pressure in between pumps. The most common type of blood pressure problem is hypertension. Hypertension tends to affect people who suffer from stress or people who are generally unhealthy. Obesity is often listed as one of the possible causes of hypertension. Blood pressure monitoring is useful to ensure that the pressure remains within normal limits. Blood pressure monitoring is also important from the point of view of blood pressure medication. When a patient is on medication for blood pressure issues, it is important for the medication to be effective. It is not always possible, or in fact convenient, to visit a clinic for regular blood pressure measurements. Therefore, a home blood pressure test is needed for the same.

Home Blood Pressure Testing Kit and Equipment

A home blood pressure test is a simple test that can be conducted by any individual. In order to perform a home blood pressure test, one needs to have access to a home blood pressure testing kit and the right kind of home blood pressure testing equipment. There are two types of home blood pressure testing kits. The options are either analog or digital. An analog home blood pressure testing kit is cheaper than a digital home blood pressure testing kit. For the sake of accuracy, one can visit one’s doctor with the home blood pressure testing kit so that he or she can describe the method of operation. Once this has been understood, the patient can conduct the home blood pressure test on their own.

An at home blood pressure test involves attaching the blood pressure measuring apparatus to the arm. Once this is done, the reading is taken. For analog test kits, a certain amount of pumping is needed to tighten the test strap. Many digital test kits auto-tighten. However one may still need to tighten the kit to ensure that it is properly applied. A home blood pressure test usually takes as long as a clinical blood pressure test would take.