Kidney Scan Test

Submitted on March 27, 2012

The kidneys are a pair of organs located in the body which help with the elimination of waste from the body. Wastes are produced in the cells and tissues of the body during normal metabolic processes. Wastes may also be absorbed into the blood stream during digestion. These wastes, along with excess water, need to be eliminated from the body. As blood flows through either kidney, it passes through a process of filtration. The filtered blood then continues to flow through the body. Meanwhile, the wastes produced in the kidneys move out of the kidneys through a tube known as the ureter. This passes waste in the form of urine to the urinary bladder. Here, urine collects until it is ready for disposal.

The normal functioning of the kidneys is extremely important for the body. If wastes are allowed to flow in the blood and build up, there will be serious health consequences. The removal of water is also essential as this helps to maintain the fluid balance of the body. Individuals suffering from kidney failure need to undergo regular dialysis to ensure that their bodies remain toxin free.


The kidney scan procedure is a nuclear imaging test used to check the health of the kidneys. As with all nuclear medicine tests, the kidney scan involves the use of a contrast dye. This contrast dye is injected into the blood through a vein, usually in the arm. This blood then travels to the kidneys. The contrast dye, in this case, is designed to attach itself to the kidney tissue. This allows the kidney tissue to be clearly visible during scanning.

Kidney Scan Test and Ultrasound

Scanning is done using an imaging device. The presence of the contrast material makes the kidney scan extremely useful for the discovery of blood flow issues and tumors. The kidney scan procedure usually takes about an hour. The patient may be made to consume a contrast filled drink as well as this will be eliminated through the kidneys. There is no major preparation required for the kidney scan test. The kidney scan is conducted in any clinic or hospital that has imaging equipment. The kidney scan ultrasound procedure is completely painless. The patient may feel a little odd when the transducer is placed on the skin. However, there should be no discomfort felt whatsoever. Even the pin-prick used to inject the dye prior to the kidney scan will cause minimal discomfort.

Children and High Blood Pressure

A kidney scan for children would be recommended only if it is a necessity while a kidney scan for high blood pressure patients is also avoided. The kidney scan results would be interpreted by your doctor and an effective diagnosis made.