Information On MRI Scan

Submitted on March 27, 2012

Having an understanding of the machines that are used in modern science will help us grasp better the methods through which these machines help us with the diagnosis of certain conditions. Because of the fact that there are so many different medical ailments that are caused by factors that are a very common aspect of our daily lifestyle means that any medical information is always beneficial to have as it will help you better understand not only exactly what your body is going through, but also how to deal with the changes. A magnetic resonance imaging or MRI scan is a relatively new technique when it comes to medical diagnosis and has been in use since the early 1980’s. The concept is primarily a medical imaging technique that uses radiology in order to create an image of the body’s internal parts while still being a non-intrusive procedure. One of the main benefits of the MRI machine is the fact that it provides a reasonably good contrast between the various soft tissues of the body – thereby providing the overseeing physician with a very in depth image of the internal structures of the body. Because of this specialized imaging technique, the MRI scan is still considered to be one of the foremost methods of medical imaging.

The MRI scan of the brain or heart will show up the structures depending on the hydrogen atoms contained within them. For instance, the bones have the least hydrogen atoms within them – meaning that they will then show up the darkest on the captured image. Fatty tissues, on the other hand, have the least amount of hydrogen atoms and therefore will appear as the lightest shade on the image. Mainly because of the fact that an MRI image allows the doctor such in depth information about the internal structures, it is still the most widely and highly appreciated method of finding either benign or malignant growths or tumor’s in the brain. Unlike a CT scan that is limited to only taking images horizontally, the MRI scan is capable of capturing images from any angle.

MRI Scan Side Effects

Coming to the various MRI scan side effects, significant medical research into the technique has shown up nothing major. Because of the fact that no radiation is used in the procedure, it can be performed time and time again without having any kind of degenerative effect on the body. However, one documented potential MRI scan side effects is in the case that you are pregnant. When in term, theory states that up until the 12th week of a pregnancy there is always some risk attached to pregnancy. Another potential risk is in the event that the patient experiences claustrophobia. Because of the fact that the patient is required to lie down in a large cylinder that could easily feel like a confined space, it is important to prepare the patient for what they are to experience. Some doctors may take the step of administrating some kind of medication to help the patient relax. Any internal medical electronic device such as a pacemaker or even structural metal should not pose any problem to the mri scan.

Scan Cost

While the mri scan cost may be substantial, it is usually nothing compared to the most of the other treatment charges that are likely to be brought to you. Given the fact that it is a rather risk free as well as in depth provider of information to the overseeing doctor means that one should not be overly concerned about the cost of the test. In most cases, the mri scanning machine is part of the hospitals services and should be incorporated into your overall bill.