Information on Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Male Infertility Using Testicular Biopsy

Submitted on March 27, 2012

What Is Testicular Biopsy?

Testicular biopsy is the name given to a surgery that is performed to cull out some tissue, which is obtained from the testicles. This is done so that your doctor can observe the testicular tissue with a microscope. Testicular biopsy for infertility is rather common. The testicles refer to the male glands which appear oval-shaped. These are located under a man's penis's base, hanging in the scrotum. Besides sperm, these glands also produce male hormones. Another common test is testicular biopsy for cancer. Thanks to the anesthetic, the testicular biopsy treatment itself shouldn't be painful. However, you might experience soreness in that area for a few days after the test. In addition to this soreness, you might experience signs of bruising.

Symptoms for Male Infertility

Testicular biopsy for infertility is rather widespread. Thus, if a male appears infertile, this test may be used to determine the possible causes. In particular, if abnormal sperm is indicated by means of semen analysis but no cause has so far been determined, doctors might recommend this procedure. The symptom of a lump, located via testicular self-examination may also call for a biopsy.

Similarly, when a testicular ultrasound seems to point towards a lump, this may be further examined via this biopsy.


While testicular biopsy is used in the case of the symptoms listed above, abnormal results typically result from sperm or hormone function irregularities. It could lead doctors to the root cause of these sperm or hormone function problems. Testicular biopsy for cancer could indicate testicular cancer. In certain cases, this biopsy is used with the intention of obtaining sperm to be stored in the frozen form. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and other such infertility treatments can be later employed with the help of this frozen sperm.


Testicular biopsy can be conducted by different methods which ultimately are determined by the need for this biopsy. In addition, your doctor's advice and your own wishes will determine which test you use. To begin with, antiseptics are used to sterilize the skin that is present over the testicle. Sterile towels are used in order to cover the surrounding skin. So that you don't feel the pain, your doctor will administer a simple local anesthetic. Once you are numb enough, the test will proceed. The testicular tissue is obtained via a surgical cut. A few stitches may be in order. Testicular biopsy for infertility determination or treatment, for instance, can take roughly twenty minutes.