Identifying Liver Damage With Liver SGPT Test

Submitted by Medical Health Test Team on October 17, 2012

The term SGPT stands for Serum Glutamic Pyruvate Transaminase. This is an enzyme that is found in the cells of the liver. It is also commonly known as Alanine Transaminase, abbreviated as ALT. In a normally healthy individual, the level of SGPT is measurable in the blood. When there is acute liver damage, the level of SGPT tends to rise dramatically. It should be noted that the level of SPGT may be elevated in an individual who has recently performed physical exercise. An elevation in the level of ALT is not a confirmation of a diagnosis of liver damage. It is used in conjunction with other types of liver test to confirm whether the patient has indeed suffered from liver damage.

The next stage of the liver test for SGPT is to understand the underlying cause of the liver damage. The liver could be damaged by an infectious disease such as mononucleosis or hepatitis. This damage is generally temporary and heals after the patient has recovered from the condition. The level of SGPT is also elevated in an individual who is suffering from bile related problems. Often the bile ducts leading out of the liver get blocked or infected. This could cause the level of ALT in a liver test to be elevated. More on liver function test results

Another important consideration when measuring the level of ALT is the drug or medical intake of an individual. There are many different medications that are likely to cause an elevation in the level of SGPT in the blood. This elevation tends to be temporary and gets reversed as the patient’s body absorbs the medication or passes it out of the system in the urine. When a drug overdose has occurred, the patient may suffer from liver damage which, apart from causing an elevation in the level of ALT also causes other typical symptoms of liver damage.

The liver test for SGPT is diagnostically relevant and can be used with other tests such as the ALT or SGOT test. These tests can confirm whether the elevation in the level of SGPT is related to liver damage or related to bile duct problems. The liver test for SGPT is almost never conducted in isolation. The test forms a part of the standard liver panel test which is a test that is conducted over several different components that are supposed to be present in the liver with particular concentrations.

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