Information On Urine Test for STD

Submitted by Medical Health Test Team on October 19, 2012

Urine is a waste product eliminated from the human body through the urethra. It consists of various components that are filtered out of the urine in the kidneys. These components are generally either toxins or are waste products that are no longer required by the body. A large amount of urine is made up of water which allows it to be fluid and also reduces its acidity level, allowing for painless urination. Urine is collected in the urinary bladder where it is stored until the individual is ready to eliminate it.

A urine test is a chemical analysis conducted on a sample of urine collected from an individual. It requires the individual to urinate in a jar for collection. Generally speaking, the first urination in the morning is required for the urine test. Some tests may not require this, but they do require the patient to collect the first part of the urine because this is likely to contain the most important information which is relevant to the patient's condition.

An STD is a sexually transmitted disease. This classification is used to describe all infections that are transmitted through sexual activity. Sexual activity refers to unprotected sexual intercourse and oral sex. Sexually transmitted diseases could also be transmitted during any form of sexual activity where the partners come into contact with body fluids. This could result in an uninfected partner absorbing the infection from an infected partner.

Some STDs like Chlamydia are curable while others, like AIDS are terminal. It is important for people with multiple sexual partners to have their bodies tested regularly in order to make sure that there is no disease that they have picked up. It is easy for people who are careful to pick up sexually transmitted diseases as well. Most STDs like Chlamydia and Syphilis can be diagnosed by a urine test for STD. A urine test for STD is an easy and possibly anonymous test that could be conducted by an individual. It requires a small sample of urine and the collection procedure can be performed at home as well. Laboratory test results are usually available the next day after a sample has been deposited with the laboratory. A urine test is helpful because it does not require the patient to be present in a clinic. This helps avoid the stigma associated with testing for sexually transmitted diseases and is essential to convince more and more people to go in for this type of testing.

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