Urine Testing For Albumin

Submitted by Medical Health Test Team on October 18, 2012

Urine is a liquid waste produced in the kidneys of the human body. It contains the waste products from the process of metabolism as well as unnecessary components and toxic substances. These substances along with water are filtered out of the blood and passed into the urinary bladder. Here they collect while the body produces more urine. When the bladder becomes full, it is necessary to urinate, a process which empties the bladder. A urine test is a test conducted on a sample of urine collected during urination. This sample is likely to contain many different components that can be used to diagnose illnesses and diseases. It is also likely to contain substances that have been consumed and are being filtered out of the system. These substances include alcohol and illegal drugs.

Albumin is a protein that is found in the blood of an individual. The kidneys are responsible for filtering blood for toxins and waste products. Generally speaking, proteins tend to pass through the kidneys without being filtered out as they are useful to the body. It is possible that the kidneys do allow a small amount of protein to be filtered out. This protein is usually reabsorbed into the body and does not show up in the urine. When a person has too much protein in his or her blood, there may be protein in the urine as well.

A urine test for albumin is a test conducted to detect the presence of albumin in a sample of urine. In a healthy individual with normal eating and drinking habits, one should not find any albumin in the urine. However, as mentioned above, an excess level of albumin in the blood may result in some of it being filtered out by the kidneys. The most obvious explanation for albumin in the urine is that of kidney failure or problems that hinder the normal functioning of the kidneys.

A urine test is performed by collecting a sample of urine, typically in the morning and subjecting that sample to a range of chemical and physical analysis tests. The chemical and physical analysis conducted during a urine test are likely to reveal many different components within the urine including the presence or absence of albumin. Urine tests are preferred over most other medical tests because they are extremely easy for the patients and they tend to reveal most of the important information associated with functioning of the body.

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