Urine Test For Diagnosis of Kidney Infection

Submitted by Medical Health Test Team on October 16, 2012

Urine is a liquid waste product that is formed as a result of various activities in the body. These metabolic activities produce toxins and waste products which are passed into the blood. The kidneys act as filtration organs which remove the waste and toxic material from the blood along with some of the water in the blood. This combination of materials is passed into the urinary bladder where it collects until urination occurs.

A urine test is a popular medical diagnostic test that uses a sample of urine expelled from the body during urination. This type of test is used as part of a general health checkup, or for more specific conditions that may be suspected based on prevailing symptoms. When it comes to performing a urine test for a specific condition there may be some guidelines that need to be followed. Some of them include the time of day when urine needs to be collected and which part of the urination process should the collection take place and so on.

The kidneys are a pair of organs that are used to filter the blood for toxins and waste materials. This means that the kidneys are regularly exposed to many different chemicals that may harm other organs of the body. The kidneys function independently of each other and an individual can live with just one kidney if the other kidney has been removed for some medical reason. A urine test for kidney infection is a test conducted when there is some suspected problem related to the functioning of the kidneys. This problem is usually suspected when the individual has a problem in the standard kidney screening procedure. This means that the urine produced in the kidneys is either discolored or has a strong odor. Other abnormalities that are immediately obvious lead to further testing for kidney infections.

One urine test for kidney infection is the test used to diagnose an infection that has affected the kidneys. A patient who undergoes this test usually presents with pain around the kidney area, foul smelling urine, pain while urinating and an increased need to pass urine. When these symptoms are present the doctor may order a urine test. The urine test is used to detect the presence of bacteria and other components that are related to kidney infection. In some cases, a blood test is also required for the same but this is not usually the case. Rare cases also use imaging techniques which check the size of the kidneys to search for inflammation.

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