Chemical Peel For Dark Skin

Submitted by Nick on October 17, 2012

The human skin is made up of several layers with the top layer being the one that is exposed to the elements. There is a pigment known as melanin which is present in the cells of the skin. The factor responsible for the color of the skin is the quantity of melanin present. People with more melanin will have darker skin than people with less melanin. There are cases where a particular area of skin is darker than other areas. This is usually caused by some blemish or scar which has darkened over a period of time. There may also be naturally occurring dark spots on the skin which are present for years on an individual’s skin. These dark spots may be embarrassing for some people and may result in them wanting to correct the problem using some sort of treatment.

A chemical peel is a process where the top layer of the skin is made to peel off by applying a chemical on it. This top layer of skin gets burnt off by the acidic nature of a peel, leaving the layer below it exposed to the air. This lower layer will be sore and may burn. Special care is required immediately after a chemical peel procedure has been conducted. A person who has had a chemical peel procedure done on the skin should avoid direct sunlight unless the person has used an effective sunscreen lotion. The skin also needs to be washed regularly in order to avoid infection. While washing, the soap should be moisturized so that it does not dry out the already irritated skin. Finally, the use of moisturizers is advocated for people who have had this procedure done.

The use of a chemical peel for dark skin depends on the nature of the skin and why it has become dark in that area. If the darkness is caused by a temporary blemish or a discoloration, then it may be sorted out using a chemical peel. If the darkness is a result of some injury or scar on the skin, then it is likely that the chemical peel will not sort out the problem.

The use of mild or moderate chemical peels can be done at home, strictly following the instructions of the test package. However, a person wishing to try an aggressive chemical peel should do so at a doctor’s clinic because there are considerable risks associated with a strong peel.

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