What Is The Normal Range of MCH Blood Test?

Submitted by Nic on October 18, 2012

MCH stands for Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin. The MCH blood test is therefore a test used to understand how much hemoglobin is present for every red blood cell in the body. Blood is used to transport many substances around the body. In order to facilitate the transport of these substances, the blood needs to have certain structures or features present within it. These structures and features include red blood cells. Within each red blood cell one will find hemoglobin. This helps to bind with oxygen and therefore helps with oxygen transport. Oxygen is one of the basic substances required by the human body. During the process of energy production, oxygen is needed. Therefore, a lack of oxygen in the blood will lead to a lack of production of energy and will, over time, lead to many different symptoms.

The MCH blood test is a simple test conducted on a sample of blood. The MCH blood test is a part of standard blood testing procedures. One common blood test is known as the CBC test or the Complete Blood Count test. Within this test, the MCH blood test is also performed. It is in the rarest of rare cases that an MCH blood test is conducted in isolation.

The MCH blood test normal range lies between 30 and 37 grams per deciliter of blood. An individual is considered to be healthy if his or her MCH blood test results lie around the middle of this level. An individual who has a variation from the MCH blood test normal range is likely to suffer from a variety of different conditions. In some cases, the reference to the MCH blood test normal range is made because this MCH blood test levels level may be used as a symptom to diagnose many different medical conditions. Any level that is above the MCH blood test normal range is considered to be a symptom of a condition known as macrocytic anemia. The opposite result is a condition where the result falls below the MCH blood test normal range. In this situation, the patient will be diagnosed with a condition known as microcytic anemia.

The MCH blood test is conducted on individuals who display signs of acute anemia. Anemia is a fairly debilitating condition, especially if it is acute. This is because the individual will suffer from extremely low energy levels which can affect many aspects of the patient's life including cognition and mental function.

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