Glaucoma Testing Equipment

Submitted by Nic on October 16, 2012

A visual field test is a technique that is used for measuring the scope of vision in a person, especially the side vision or peripheral vision and the central vision. The visual field of each eye is mapped individually, in this technique. However, this is a very subjective test, in which a patient needs to know and follow the instructions that are given to them accurately. In case a person experiences any symptoms of glaucoma damage to their optic nerve, most optometrists, may need to use glaucoma testing equipment to confirm a diagnosis and identify the exact extent of the damage. Glaucoma testing equipment is also used for the detection of peripheral or central retinal diseases, which affect the visual pathways that are in the brain.

The most basic form of a glaucoma test is the tonometry test. In order the conduct this test, the glaucoma testing equipment required includes a small machine, which is known as the tonometry machine. The main function of this piece of glaucoma testing equipment is measuring the intraocular pressure in the eyes. There are several people who also refer to this test as the “puff of air” test, where they need to rest their chins and foreheads on certain parts of the glaucoma testing machine and look at a spot of light. However, there are newer methods of conducting the glaucoma vision test, which could include using some eye drops to make the eye are numb, which a small and especially calibrated piece of glaucoma testing vision equipment is used to touch the cornea, so that the intraocular pressure in the eye can be measured.

Most people go through the first line test, just to identify if they are suffering from glaucoma or other eye problems, which could interfere with their field of vision. However, at times, further tests may be required in order to determine if there is a problem, or to gauge the exact extent of the problem. In case the pressure in the eyes is too high, the doctor may need to check the optic nerves further. This is done, by dilating the eyes using some drops and checking the eye in a darkened room. The glaucoma testing equipment used in this instance generally includes a special source of light and magnifying lens. This glaucoma testing vision equipment is the most effective in checking for damage to the optic nerve, located at the back of the eye.

If it is determined that a person is suffering from glaucoma, there are several ways of treating the condition, which can be considered.

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