Bunion Surgery Complications

Submitted by Nic on October 16, 2012

A bunion problem is an issue that affects the big toe on the foot of an individual. It is possible to experience bunion problems on one foot or on both the feet simultaneously. The problem occurs when the bone directly behind the big toe begins to grow abnormally. This bone may jut out on the inner side of the foot. The growth of the bone will also cause the big toe to lose its alignment and bend outwards, that is, towards the other toes of the foot. This change in angle of the big toe may, over time, worsen. As it worsens, the change in the angle of the big toe will injure the joint of the toe. This will cause pain to the individual, particularly when he or she is walking. Bunions may also affect an individual’s ability to wear certain types of shoes or to perform certain tasks such as standing on the toes.

Bunion surgery is one of the treatment options used for this problem. During this type of surgery, the bone is cut and the excess area removed. This should, in theory, help the toe regain its normal alignment. In most cases, a splint is put in place to ensure that the toe is straightened. After surgery, the foot will be placed in a hard cast, similar to one that is used for a fracture injury. As the foot heals, the cast will be changed into a soft cast which will eventually be removed. Physical therapy will be needed after this to return full mobility to the toe joint.

There are some bunion surgery complications that the patient should be aware of before the surgery is performed. One of the most common bunion surgery complications is infection. A bunion surgery infection is one that affects the area where the cut has been made. As this area is in a cast, it may not be cleaned regularly. Further, some people may accidentally allow water to enter the cast as they bathe. This can cause post bunion surgery complications. One of the related bunion surgery complications is a swelling developing on this area. The swelling may develop in response to the injury caused by the surgical procedure or due to an infection that has affected the individual’s toe.

In order to avoid these irritating bunion surgery complications and other bunion surgery problems, the patient should consult with the doctor to ensure that the right steps are taken during post bunion surgery care.

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