How much does a testicular ultrasound cost?

Submitted by Nic on October 16, 2012

Ultrasound imaging is a technique used to produce images from within the body of an individual. These images are produced using ultra high frequency sounds. These sounds cannot be heard by the human ear. The sound waves pass through the skin of the body and bounce off various solid structures within the body to produce an image. This image is produced by calculating the rate of return of the sound that enters the body. The computer can then produce a fairly detailed image of the structures within the body. An ultrasound procedure is also known as a sonogram procedure. A testicular ultrasound is an ultrasound image conducted on the testicular region of the male body to determine the nature and condition of the structures within the testicular sac.

There are a few conditions that can affect the testicles which warrant the use of an ultrasound image. These conditions include testicular torsion, testicular cancer and a rupture within the testicular sac. Testicular torsion and testicular rupture are both conditions that can be caused by injury. Testicular cancer is caused by abnormal cells that begin to develop within the testicular sac. These abnormal cells will spread to other parts of the body if the condition is not contained and dealt with. Testicular injuries are often extremely painful. Patients who suffer from testicular injuries may need to be treated immediately as the pain is sometimes unbearable. A severe injury to the testicles can harm the ability of the individual to procreate as the testicles are responsible for sperm production.

The testicular ultrasound cost depends a lot on the place where the patient is having his test conducted. In many cases, a testicular ultrasound is conducted on an emergency basis, particularly if the patient has reported to the emergency room following some sort of injury to the area. In many countries, the insurance status of the patient is important when it comes to testicular ultrasound cost and, for that matter, the cost of any medical procedure. Some hospitals also follow a gradation system and therefore the testicular sonogram cost could be based on the type of room they have selected for their treatment.

Patients therefore need to consult with their doctor when it comes to the testicular ultrasound cost. The doctor will guide the patient regarding the various procedures that may need to be performed. There may also be charges associated with other members of the team during the testicular ultrasound procedure. It is always good to discuss various issues related to the procedure including the testicular torsion cost with your doctor as it would help you better prepare for the test.

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