Information On MRI of Knee With or Without Contrast

Submitted by Nic on October 19, 2012

An MRI can be described as a high-tech medical imaging testing procedure, through which a medical health care provider can diagnose different types of diseases, disorders and health conditions. Hence, in case you are suffering from pain in the knee area, or are experiencing problems while walking, you would be required to get a knee MRI done. Depending on the condition, as well as the medical facility you could undergo an MRI of knee with or without contrast.

What is an MRI of knee with contrast?

An MRI of knee with contrast refers to the use of a dye during the course of the test. Around 20% of all the MRI tests are with contrast. This dye is injected with the help of a needle, into the vein on the arm. Some of the common conditions where MRI of the knee with contrast may be ordered include:

  • A history of cancer or tumors
  • Recent surgery
  • Checking for inflammation or an infection
  • Evaluating the vessels of the blood

Therefore, in case you are asked to go in for the MRI of the knee with contrast, you have the right to ask the medical health care provider the reason why the contrast needs to be used. However, before deciding to undergo an MRI of knee with or without contrasts, it is important to consider that there are a few side effects that have been associated with the dye or the contrast. Given below are some of the side effects of the MRI of knee with contrast:

  • Redness or flushing
  • Allergic reactions
  • Blood clots
  • Hives
  • Shortness in breath
  • Dizziness

MRI of knee without contrast

Most cases of knee testing are carried out without the use of a contrast. Most doctors ask patients to undergo MRI of the knee without contrast, if they just want to check for any changes in the tissues of the knees. In order to capture the images of your knee, you may be asked to lie down inside a strong magnetic field.

There are several people who may decide to go in for an MRI of knee with or without contrast, based on different factors, like the reason for the test, the type of medical facility as well as they cost of the procedure. Therefore, in case you are asked to go in for a knee image test, it is best for you to check with the doctor if you need to go in for the MRI of knee with or without contrast.

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