Neck Lymph Node Biopsy

Submitted by Nic on October 16, 2012

There are lymph nodes present in various parts of the torso and the head of the human body. These nodes function as part of the immune system and work to avoid infections. Lymph nodes are usually well buried under the skin and cannot be felt in healthy individuals. When there is an infection or damage to a node, it may result in an inflammation. It is at this stage that the node becomes partially visible through the swelling that occurs on the skin. This area of skin will also be sore to touch and may produce a throbbing pain.

A neck lymph node biopsy may be done using a needle or using a full surgery. Normally, a needle based neck lymph node biopsy is done when the condition of the lymph node is still being diagnosed. Once the diagnosis is complete, treatment will start. In case the diagnosis is that of cancer, then the neck lymph node biopsy surgery needs to be performed to remove the entire affected node. When speaking of a needle based the neck lymph node biopsy procedure, it may be completed within a few minutes. The patient only needs to be given local anesthesia which will ensure that no pain is felt during the insertion of the large needle needed to collect a tissue sample. Once this is complete, the wound will be dressed and the individual will be allowed to return home until the neck lymph node biopsy results are processed. The neck lymph node biopsy usually takes a few hours to be prepared unless there is a test for bacterial infections being performed. This type of culture test may last for a few days as the sample is allowed to develop. In case of a surgery, the neck lymph node biopsy recovery takes a few days before the wound can be re-dressed. A needle biopsy will heal within a couple of days. No major during neck lymph node biopsy complications are known to take place during and after the surgery. It is however necessary to keep emergency medical backup in case the need arises. A neck lymph node biopsy is also known as a cervical lymph node biopsy because of the fact that the cervical spine passes through the neck. One should get enough information about the whole procedure, cost as also the care to be taken before and after having the surgery done.

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