Groin Lymph Node Biopsy

Submitted by Nic on October 18, 2012

The groin area of the human body is the area that is around the pelvis. This includes the area around the inner thighs as well as the area where the genital organs are present. Lymph nodes are present in many different parts of the human body. These nodes function to help contain any infections and diseases in the body. The immune based function of the lymph nodes leaves them vulnerable to the development of infections themselves. A lymph node will only be obviously visible when it is suffering from some infection or disease that has led to it being inflamed. When a node is inflamed, a biopsy is conducted to collect a tissue sample which will then be analyzed in a laboratory to understand the true nature of the condition.

A groin lymph node biopsy can be done either using a needle biopsy or using an open biopsy. An open biopsy is used either when the node is difficult to access or if the doctor wishes to have the entire mass removed. This is done when the patient is diagnosed with cancer of the lymph nodes. However, in all other cases, the groin lymph node biopsy is done using a needle and is a fairly pain-free procedure. A groin lymph node biopsy with a needle can be performed on an outpatient basis. The wound will be bandaged and the patient can return home. When it comes to a surgical procedure, the groin lymph node biopsy recovery takes a few days. This time is required for the wound to heal sufficiently. For a groin lymph node biopsy, the recovery may be slightly longer than for other lymph node biopsies as the legs are used regularly. Because this can damage the incision wound by stretching it, the patient may be required to remain in bed for a few days after the procedure.

A doctor will usually order a groin lymph node biopsy after swelling has been detected in the area. Normally, this is done while the patient is given medication to help quell the swelling. As with any medical procedure of this time, there are some groin lymph node biopsy complications that need to be taken into account. Patients may develop infections around the wound site if clean medical practices are not performed. Apart from this, there will be some pain felt as the wound heals itself. There should be no other complications associated with a groin lymph node biopsy.

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