Information On Fetal Stress Test

Submitted by Nic on October 17, 2012

Most women would often worry about what is a fetal stress test. Pregnancy is a nine month long period during which a fertilized egg grows into an infant ready to be delivered. During the course of this period, the fetus grows and develops so that it is ready to be delivered. There is always the risk of complications occurring during pregnancy. A fetal stress test is used to determine if the fetus is capable of handling the stress involved in labor. When a woman goes into labor, the blood supply and air supply to the fetus tends to reduce for a small amount of time. Most fetuses do not react badly to this and are able to sustain their own heart rate. However, in some cases, it may be found that the heart rate of the fetus is reducing when it is monitored using fetal stress test equipment. The fetal stress test for heart rate will determine if the doctor wishes to induce labor or to choose a C-section delivery.

A fetal stress test is usually conducted after the 30th week of pregnancy. This may be conducted closer to when the doctor expects the baby to be due. The test will involve the use of different types of fetal stress test equipment. The fetal stress test uses ultrasound as also fetal heart monitoring equipment so as to conduct the test. This type of testing usually takes less than an hour from the time it begins to the time that the mother is allowed to return home. In case there is some abnormality found in the fetal stress test results, then the mother may be asked to check herself into the hospital for further testing and so that any action required can be taken.

There are many fetal stress test reasons why doctors would conduct the test. Mothers who have had prior bad experiences with deliveries may be put through this test. Mothers who report pain or discomfort during the pregnancy may be required to go through a fetal stress test just to ensure that the baby is doing alright. In some cases, the baby may not be responsive during a fetal stress test. This can occur when the baby is sleeping or resting within the womb. Naturally, there is also the risk that the baby is suffering from some health problem that has lead to diminished or completely lost consciousness. The importance of a fetal stress test is most accentuated by this problem. It is possible that the doctor may need to induce labor or go in for a "c" section to deliver the child.

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