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While diet plays an integral role in the management of colon cancer, there is no one specific diet that can treat it or control it. The primary aim of a colon cancer diet is to ease digestion and provide the cancer patient with adequate nutrition so that he/she can maintain their strength. However, the problem arises because most colon cancer patients don’t feel like eating anything at all. Side effects of the treatment include nausea, vomiting, poor appetite, mouth sores and so on. All of this can considerably hamper the recovery process as it makes a patient disinterested in eating. Nevertheless, it is important for colon cancer patients to speak with a dietician or nutritionist and prepare a healthy colon cancer diet so as to improve their chances of recovery.

Nutritional recommendations: Foods that are otherwise considered unhealthy for normal people are in fact recommended for people with colon cancer. Colon cancer patients should eat foods that have high calories and are rich in protein and avoid high fiber foods as these may worsen existing problems like diarrhea. Foods to include

  • Cream, milk, cheese
  • Cooked eggs
  • Plenty of gravies and sauces

Additionally, cooking methods should include oil, margarine, or butter.

Diet Plan

A colon cancer diet, especially following colon cancer surgery, will change in progressive months. It is important to carefully follow your doctor or dietician’s instructions and advice.

If you’ve been treated for colon cancer, the first few days after surgery, you will be given nutrition through an IV drip. Once the IV is removed, a colon cancer diet after surgery would include a diet of juices and broths, as these are easy to digest. Foods to avoid at this stage include skin/peels of fruits, raw vegetables, any dairy products, beans, peas, fatty and fried foods, high fiber grains, and sweets. Foods to include after surgery, particularly a colostomy, are cranberry juice, buttermilk, bananas, applesauce, yogurt, tapioca, sticky rice, and toast. Speak with your doctor as to when you can start to include whole foods, as this will depend on type of surgery you have undergone.

Make sure that you

  • Chew your food properly
  • Consume only marinated meats
  • Consult your doctor for a dose of probiotics

Diet Recipes

While there are plenty of recipes available online for colon cancer, listed below are some of the common ones that can help with recovery after treatment.

Banana milkshake

Things you need:

  1. Banana (sliced) - 1
  2. Vanilla extract – one or two drops
  3. Milk – 1 cup


Put all the ingredients in a blender, and blend it together at a high speed until evenly mixed.

High-Protein Milkshake

Things you need

  1. Fortified milk – 1 cup
  2. Chocolate/butterscotch/ fruit syrup or sauce of your choice – 2 tbsp
  3. Ice cream – ½ cup
  4. Vanilla extract – ½ tsp


Place all the ingredients in a blender, and blend for 10 seconds at a low speed.

Peanut Butter Spread

Things you need

  1. Nonfat instant dry milk – 1 tbsp
  2. Honey – 1 tbsp
  3. Water – 1 tsp
  4. Smooth peanut butter – 5 tbsp
  5. Vanilla extract – 1 tsp


Mix water, dry milk, and vanilla. Continue stirring and add peanut butter and honey. Mix until peanut butter is blended.

You can use this as or make tiny balls out of it and chill it to eat later as candy.

Diet Tips

  • High-fiber foods like fruit and vegetables should be avoided
  • Drink a lot of fluids
  • Peppermint water and charcoal tablets help to reduce flatulence

It is necessary that you get your doctor’s approval before you actually try out any of the diet the colon cancer diet therapy. Remember that your diet will not heal the condition but will only work on the symptoms, thus making life easier.


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