Exercises and Yoga After Hip Replacement Surgery

Submitted by Nic on November 20, 2012

A hip replacement surgery is a major operation, and it may take you several days or even weeks before you can get back on your feet.

However, with the right kind of physical activity and exercise routine, you will be able to resume the lifestyle you enjoyed before you started experiencing hip pain. In fact, normal hip motion can be restored with regular exercise. The range of motion increases gradually and you can regain your strength as well.

Your orthopedic surgeon will recommend certain exercises after hip replacement surgery that can help you recover the use of your hip joint completely. The doctor will ask you to exercise for about 20 to 30 minutes every day. Some of the best exercises after hip replacement surgery include ankle pumps, ankle rotations, knee bends, buttock contractions, and leg raises. There are some standing exercises you can perform as well. It is best to consult with a physiotherapist or your doctor before attempting these on your own. Over exerting your replaced hip may result in more complications than rehabilitation.

Exercises After Hip Replacement Surgery

The top 10 exercises after hip replacement surgery for you can be discussed with your doctor as this will depend on factors like your age, agility and so on. Here are some of the exercises that you can practice.

  • Ankle Rotations:. Keep your legs straight and rotate your ankles inwards without moving the rest of the leg. Repeat this movement at least 5 times. Perform this 3 to 4 times a day.
  • Ankle Pumps: Lie down and keep your legs straight. Now slowly push your foot down as if pressing the gas pedal of your car. Release and then press down again. Repeat this movement 5 times. Perform the exercise at least 10 times a day.
  • Knee Bends: Lie down straight and slide your left heel toward your buttocks. Keep your foot planted on the floor and bend your knee to perform this motion. Avoid rolling your knee inwards. Repeat for 5 times and then do it with the other leg.
  • Buttock Contractions: Sit down or lie on your bed and contract your buttocks one at a time. Repeat this several times a day. Perform this exercise in sets of 10.

Is yoga after hip replacement surgery effective?

Yes. Apart from these simple exercises, you can also perform yoga after hip replacement surgery. The gentle stretching exercises help to repair the damaged joint, increase muscle strength and improve muscle tone, increase blood circulation to the hip joints, and avoid further injuries to the joint. Consult a yoga practitioner for advice on which exercises are suited to you.


Once you regain some strength on your hip joints, you can begin walking once again. Start with a small walk around the block and as you feel stronger, you can increase the distance. You may also soon start feeling strong enough to ride an exercise bike. Swimming is another great exercise for strengthening your hips. The gentle motion of this exercise can help you regain your hip motion.


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