Scar from genital wart biopsy - extreme pain! help!?

March 8, 2010

Genital warts are a rather common occurrence in most people and are known to be sexually transmitted from one person to another. The virus causing this condition is known as the human papillomavirus (HPV) which exists in hundreds of different types but there are only a few that cause diseases. They may not always be accompanied by any symptoms but generally causes a great deal of irritation because of itchiness or burning sensation. They appear as small red or pink colored bumps in large numbers forming a cluster or may be single. Genital warts can be treated but diagnosis is most important as most of the time people are not aware that they have the HPV virus or have developed genital warts.

A biopsy refers to taking a sample of the tissue by removing it and observing it under a microscope. It may be required if the doctor is not able to identify the genital warts despite conducting a physical examination or to determine the abnormal tissue that is present, to find out the reason for genital warts that are unusual in appearance or to find out why warts have not been healed despite the treatment. Biopsy is done by giving local anesthesia which might cause pain. Majority of the people suffering from genital warts will not need to undergo a biopsy. However, the doctor may recommend the same to make sure that it is a genital wart or to determine another underlying condition.

Scars from a genital wart biopsy may occur in some cases. It could be an abscess that is caused because of the presence of any infection or bacteria. This is, however, a normal occurrence and is said to heal on its own or sometimes the doctor might have to treat it. Also, if you are having sex, it might cause a lot of discomfort if the wound has not healed completely which is probably why it hurts so much. There is also a slight possibility that the wart is not cured completely and is coming again. If this is the case, it is essential that you see the doctor immediately. It is advised that you avoid having sexual intercourse till the area is completely healed. There are a couple of creams that can be applied to treat the scar that your doctor can recommend to you but if at all the pain is a lot and is unbearable, it is best you visit a doctor to avoid any further complications.

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