What is a Nuclear Stress Test?

September 6, 2011

What is a nuclear stress test is a question that is very common amongst most people today. The heart pumps blood to all the parts of the body and thus is an important organ. The function of this blood is to provide nutrients and various substances to the body. Besides this the blood also helps to remove wastes from these parts of the body. The maintenance of blood circulation is one of the most basic requirements of the human body. A nuclear stress test is used to determine if the muscles of the heart are being fed properly with blood. The heart muscles need to receive a regular supply of nutrients so that the energy needed for pumping is sufficient. A nuclear stress test involves the use of a tracer substance that is radioactive. Imaging devices will be used to track the progress of this tracer substance. This will lead to the understanding of the flow of blood through whichever blood vessels are being scanned. In the case of a nuclear stress test procedure, the blood vessels involved are those that supply blood to the heart muscles.

The nuclear stress test procedure begins with the individual at rest. The tracer dye will be used and the blood circulation will be measured. Blockages and narrowed vessels will also be looked for at this stage. The individual will then be put on a treadmill and made to walk, then jog and then run. This is done to stress the heart out so that it pumps at a rapid pace. The blood circulation to the heart will naturally be greater in its pressure and quantity. Images will be taken at this stage as well so that the circulation at maximum heart rate is measured. Most blood circulation related problems tend to only be visible when the body is stressed out. Therefore, this type of test is needed.

The nuclear stress test results will show the efficiency with which blood is flowing to the cardiac muscles. If a problem is found, the individual may immediately be checked into a hospital where he or she will be given treatment for the condition. This type of testing is very important as it can be used to identify problems before they lead to the development of serious health issues. A heart attack or stroke is something that can cause irreversible damage to the body. Hence, the use of a nuclear stress test is vital in ensuring any major problem is noticed before it causes serious complications. Other information like the nuclear stress test cost should be spoken to your doctor personally.

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