My 6yr old daughter has a history of elevated CK results. Dr said it is abt 20% above the upper limits. She also has treated congenital hypothyroidism, low energy & tires easily. Can this be an innocent CK elevation?

April 13, 2010

CK level is known as the Creatine Kinase level of the blood. It is also called the Creatine Phosphokinase level. An elevated creatine kinase level is associated with heart problems. When the muscles of the heart are injured, a blood test will reveal an increase in Creatine Kinase levels. This is because the creatine kinase leaks out of the muscle tissue during injury which is what causes the high level to be present in the blood test conducted immediately after a cardiac event.

A high level of creatine kinase is a clue that damage has been caused or has occurred in the heart muscles. It may also represent damage caused in muscles other than the heart. In some cases of muscle damage, the damage or partial damage has been caused by excessive usage of the muscles. This over use could result in the presence of excessive concentrations of creatine kinase in the body.

Hypothyroidism is a condition where there is not enough quantity of thyroid hormones in the body. This may be a problem that affects someone from birth or it may come on and go away during later life. Conditions that occur right from birth are considered to be chronic. Hypothyroidism leads to fatigue, tiredness, muscle pains, joint pains, paleness, and to depression. The lack of physical strength causes a person suffering from hypothyroidism to display signs of lacking enthusiasm for daily activities. Hypothyroidism could be treated with thyroid supplements and, over a long term period can be negated completely by proper monitoring and medication.

Recent medical studies have linked the condition of hypothyroidism with an abnormal level of creatine kinase in blood testing. This might cause elevated or lowered levels of creatine kinase in the blood. The studies point to the treatment given to a patient that is suffering from hypothyroidism. When there is a rapid decrease in the thyroid hormones in the body, an abnormal fluctuation in the levels of creatine kinase has been noted. This suggests that a patient who is suffering from a fluctuation in thyroid function may be vulnerable to an increase in the level of creatine kinase. The exact cause for this is not known but a correlation has been found.

An elevated creatine kinase level is linked to heart tissue damage and may point to that as a cause. For this reason it should be checked that the CK level is not related to a heart problem before it is linked to the thyroid condition.

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