I did a routine urine toxicology today and used 3 days ago plus I watered in down completely will I be ok?

March 24, 2010

A toxicology test is a very common medical test on a blood or urine sample and is most frequently performed just after the individual has consumed some sort of medication. In some cases, the presiding doctor or hospital may require that the urine sample be given in their presence to ensure that the urine sample has not been tampered with and is from the patient and not some other individual. Just as with any other type of urine test, there is no pain involved and the participation of the patient is limited only to providing the sample. Once the sample has been collected, it is stored in a clear jar and sent to the laboratory for testing. A report is subsequently sent back to the presiding doctor listing the various chemicals present in the body and their quantities at the time of the test. Because of the nature of the test, it is most often performed in cases of emergency medical situations and helps evaluate intentional overdose or poisoning. Some of the more common conditions that may require a urine toxicology test include alcoholism, seizures, intentional overdose, unconscious patients, drug abuse monitoring and delirium amongst many others.

The mention of the fact that you watered your body down will draw the conclusion that there is some amount of medication or chemical composition present in your system that you do not want to show up during the toxicology report - hence the efforts to water down your system. While this does work to a very significant level, depending on the substance within your system, some amount of its residue may remain. For example, alcohol can be easily detected in your body for up to 10 hours after intake while heroine, morphine and codeine will show up rather prominently up to 2 days after intake. Cocaine will remain in the body for a much longer time frame. When taken in regular dosage - the substance will show up within the body for up to 4 days, but in cases of heavy usage will show up in the toxicology report even 22 days after intake. A urine toxicology report is becoming a highly popular medical test given the seriousness to health that people are taking all over the world. The use of performance enhancing drugs in the sports arena's have also seen an increase in the faith placed in this particular test as it not only identifies the substance taken, but also the quantity present in the system.

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