My mom's body temperature is down to 90 degrees; what can I do?

March 24, 2010

While the development of a fever, or heightened body temperature, is always accompanied by some amount of concern and caution, not many people are aware of the problems posed by low body temperature. Before discussing the ill effects of a low body temperature, also known as hypothermia, it is important to establish what is considered to be a normal body temperature. Body temperature is never exactly the same between two individuals and will fluctuate depending on a number of factors including, but not limited to, the environment, genetics, physical activity being performed, chemicals present within the body as a result of medication taken. While normal body temperature was considered to be 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit up until a few years ago, more recent research shows that it is more variable and fluctuates roughly between 97.5 degrees Fahrenheit to about 98.9 degrees Fahrenheit from individual to individual. The effects of very low body temperature, such as that in your mother’s case, include contraction of the blood vessels.

This could result in a significant reduction in the flow of blood to the skin. This helps reduce the amount of body heat lost naturally through the surface of the skin. There is also the possibility that the condition is simply a symptom of a more serious underlying condition that may need to be looked at more closely. Some of the medical conditions that play a role in the development of a fever include hypothyroidism, addison’s disease, diabetes, liver failure and kidney failure. You will have noticed that most of these conditions are considered to be rather serious. The best option would be to get your mother to visit your family doctor as soon as possible and have a few medical tests carried out to help diagnose the root problem of the low body temperature.

If the condition is not caused by some underlying medical condition, there are a number of rather effective home remedy treatment options which could be used. You could fill a bath of warm water - measuring about 104 degrees Fahrenheit in temperature, and get your mother to have a bath in this water. If your mother is rather frail then this may be a dangerous method to try, so make sure that your mother is relatively healthy before trying this option. Give your mother something hot and sweet to drink at regular intervals but avoid providing her with any alcohol as it will only serve to worsen the condition.

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