Is it normal for my body temperature do go up when I'm losing weight?

April 1, 2010

The normal temperature of the body remains at 98.4 °F to 98.6 °F. Changes in the temperature of the body are an indication of problems with the body and other health issues. A higher temperature is usually a cause for concern. The degree to which the temperature has increased may also be a factor in determining whether the raise in temperature is normal or not.

The body temperature of a person is low usually when the body is tired or weak and the metabolism is not working properly. The body performs several functions during the day, all of which require lots of energy. When calories are thus burnt and food is oxidized, a lot of energy is created in the form of heat. This heat is regulated by the water and other fluids of the body.

The process of metabolism is such that it not only consumes but also produces energy. When you are doing any kind of rigorous physical activity, the regulation of temperature in the body halts temporarily. Your heart beats faster to meet the increased needs of the body. It is because of this that your face turns red and you feel flustered after any kind of heavy work or exercise.

When your metabolism increases, your body generates more heat than it consumes. Though this heat is regulated to a large extent, it is not always possible to bring it down to the normal levels as soon as you stop your physical activity. Even when you are losing weight, you will not feel the heat all the time. In fact, you will experience a variation in your temperature throughout the day.

There are different temperature cycles through the course of the day too. Our waking temperatures are much lower than what our body assumes throughout the rest of the day. When you are sleeping, the body is at rest and the metabolism slows down to produce less energy, because of which the body temperature drops down. When you are awake next and begin to work on your daily routine, the metabolism picks up once again, supplying you with energy to do your tasks and therefore producing a lot of heat.

When you are trying to lose weight, you increase your physical activity and make your meals lighter, with more roughage. Both of these changes in your lifestyle and meals cause the metabolism to increase, allowing it to consume more energy and in turn generating heat. This is one of the reasons that you experience an increase in your body temperature when you are losing weight.

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