What are the different types of medical procedures?

April 1, 2010

A medical procedure can be described as a course of action that is employed by any medical practitioner or even a dental practitioner. These procedures of often carried out with the objective of repairing damage, arresting a disease, identifying a problem or other medical reasons. Some medical procedures may involve making incisions and using medical instruments, while others may just include the use of medication. Therefore, procedures like operations, surgeries, scans, tests, treatments and therapies are all different types of medical procedures. There are numerous medical procedures followed across the world. Some of the common medical procedures and tests include:

  • A Caesarean: The C-Section is performed by a gynecologist, when it is not advisable for a woman to have a normal delivery. This is one of the most common medical procedures carried out across the world.
  • A PAP smear test: This test is used to check for the presence of malignant cells, in a woman. During this test, cells are collected from a woman’s cervix. These cells are examined under a microscope for malignant or pre-malignant changes.
  • A CAT scan: This procedure is used to produce images from within a person’s body. It requires a computer to gather images from different x-rays, converting them into pictures that are depicted on a screen.
  • An MRI scan: The Magnetic Resonance Imaging can also produce images from within a patient’s body. However, it is based on radiology technique and uses radio waves, a computer and magnetism to form the images.
  • Chemotherapy: This treatment is used to destroy cancer cells in a person’s body. It can be rendered orally, intravenously or with the help of injections.
  • A Colonoscopy: This medical procedure is used to check the appearance of the colon from the inside and it includes the use of a tube, by the examiner.
  • A Hysterectomy: This is a common surgical procedure, performed on women, where the uterus is removed.
  • An Ultrasound: This procedure uses high-frequency sound waves, to create images of a person’s organs and the structure of their body.
  • Total hip replacement and Total knee replacement surgeries: These surgical procedures require the replacement of the diseased hip joint or knee joint, using artificial material.
  • Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG): This surgery helps in creating new courses of direction around arteries that have been blocked or narrowed. A bypass allows the blood to flow through the body properly, delivering nutrients and oxygen to the heart.

There are several more medical procedure that are practiced around the world

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