Is discharge after cryotherapy normal?

February 25, 2013
Cryotherapy may not always result in discharge. While you should expect medium to heavy discharge after cervical cryotherapy, the treatment on certain other parts may not lead to any discharge, other than perhaps some watery discharge. Your doctor will tell you what to expect once your cryotherapy is done. If there is a possibility of discharge, your doctor will inform you before the procedure. In case they do not discuss any such thing with you, you should discuss it with your doctor yourself. In any case, if you experience discharge after cryotherapy, be sure to discuss it with your doctor and find out whether or not it is normal.

Watery Discharge after Cryotherapy

A watery discharge is usually normal for a few days after cryotherapy. This is usually because the dead cells are sloughing off. You can expect the water discharge to continue for a few days after the treatment has been performed. However, if you see blood or any foul smelling thick discharge, you should immediately contact your doctor.

Yellow Discharge after Cryotherapy

Yellow discharge after cryotherapy is never normal. This is an indication that something has gone wrong during the cryotherapy treatment.

However, when cryotherapy is used to treat an abnormal colposcopy or pap smear, it is possible that you may experience watery discharge for a few days, followed by a slightly yellow discharge for the next few days. If you experience any foul smelling discharge after the yellow discharge, call your doctor immediately and schedule a visit as soon as possible to get yourself tested. This could be due to an infection.

Brown Discharge after Cryotherapy

If you have recently had cervical cryotherapy, there is a possibility that you may experience some brown colored, bloody discharge. This should not have a foul smell. The bloody discharge is expected and may continue for a few days. The flow is generally very light and resembles a light period. However, if the brown discharge gives way to bright red colored blood or you experience very heavy bleeding, you should immediately contact your medical practitioner and set up an appointment for a checkup. You can wear sanitary pads during the time that you experience the discharge. This will also help you monitor the discharge and its smell. Avoid using a tampon at this time or you may aggravate the wound and prevent natural healing. Wearing tampons may also increase the risk of getting an infection.

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