What is Fructosamine?

May 13, 2010

This is a compound, which is created by the non-enzymatic reaction between ammonia or an amine and fructose, with a molecule of water that is being released. Fructosamine is also created when the carbonyl group of glucose has a reaction with an amino group of a protein. When fructosamine is formed from blood proteins like albumin, then it is known as Glycated Albumin or Glycated Serum Protein. Albumin has a shorter life than hemoglobin and so serum fructosamine shows up in the state of glycemic control for only till 2 weeks before.

Fructosamine testing has been done since 1980s. This test acts like a monitoring tool and is done to help diabetics control their blood sugar. The fructosamine test is suggested when there have been quick changes in diabetes treatment. With this test, a doctor can check the effectiveness of medicines or diet adjustments after a couple of months instead of waiting for months. This test is important in diabetic pregnancy because very good control is necessary when a woman is pregnant and has diabetes. The need of the mother-to-be also keeps changing and through this test, the doctor can monitor as well as adjust the shifting levels of insulin and glucose requirements. This test is recommended when there are RBC abnormalities or loss.

When is this test done: This test is not widely used. The fructosamine test is ordered when the physician wants to monitor the average glucose levels of a patient over the past two to three weeks. This test is also done when a diabetic treatment plan is altered or being instituted to monitor the change in the medication or diet. This test can also be recommended for a pregnant patient who has got diabetes or if she has a systemic or acute illness that can change her insulin and glucose requirements for a certain period of time.

Meaning of test results: The higher the level of fructosamine concentration in a patient, the higher the average blood glucose level. Trends are also considered while determining the results. These are more important than absolute values.

If a patient has normal levels of fructosamine, then it indicates that a patient has good control of his diabetes or not diabetic. If a patient has a trend that shows fructosamine levels that travel from high to normal, then it means that the change in the treatment plan of the patient is effective.

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