Doctor said I will have to go for sgot liver function test. What does that mean?

May 27, 2010

The liver is a complex organ that is found in the human body. It performs many different vital functions that are required for the healthy existence of any human being. The liver works to synthesize proteins, produces hormones, performs the destruction of old red blood cells, and works to clean out certain toxins from the body. These complicated functions mean that the liver is responsible for the production of and the secretion of many different substances that are found in the blood. These substances themselves are responsible for many of the body's normal functions. One of these substances is a substance known as Aspartate transaminase (AST).

Aspartate transaminase is also known as Serum Glutamic Oxaloacetic Transaminase (SGOT). It may also be known as Aspartate Amino-transaminase. It is an enzyme that is produced in the liver. The SGOT enzyme is also found in skeletal muscles, red blood cells, heart muscles, kidney tissue and in the brain as well. When a person suffers from an injury to any of these parts of the body, the level of SGOT tends to rise in the bloodstream. When there is no sign of an injury to any of these parts of the body and the SGOT level remains high, it is an indication of liver function failure. Failure of liver function may not necessarily complete and the liver could be functioning less efficiently. However, a high level of SGOT could be the result of toxins such as drugs and alcohol, gallbladder disease, hepatitis or infections that occur in the liver. It may also be present in the case of an inflamed liver which may be enlarged due to an infection or due to chronic drug and alcohol abuse. A high level of SGOT may also be detected in patients undergoing some medication. These medications may cause damage to the liver or may temporarily affect its functioning. More on liver function test results

When the level of SGOT is detected to be high, it is necessary to check whether it is due to a temporary condition that is affecting liver function, such as recent intake of alcohol or due to a more serious condition, such as liver damage or partial liver failure. SGOT liver function test is a test which shows an elevated SGOT level should be followed up by a test which will be useful in testing the entire range of liver functions. These tests could then be followed up by an appropriate method of treatment.

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