Does the prescription amphetamines and meth. show up the same on drug test?

January 21, 2010

Meth is a common way of referring to methamphetamine which is incredibly similar to amphetamines not only in terms of effects but also in terms of chemical properties. It is not just methamphetamine but also dextroamphetamine which is similar and thus, a single panel amphetamines drug test may be used to detect the presence of any of these three drugs. In fact, often the three varieties are collectively referred to as amphetamines. One has to remember that both methamphetamine and amphetamine are typically considered illegal although the specific class of the drug would vary, depending on the country. When it comes to prescription medication, despite this illegality, certain drugs available with a prescription still contain a certain amount of amphetamines. It is not just the pills, such as diet pills, that would contain amphetamines that could interfere with drug tests. One also has to worry about a range of other compounds which could inevitably result in a false positive test for either methamphetamine or amphetamines. This happens on account of their ingredients which cause a problem by virtue of the fact that they could be metabolized to form the drug amphetamine or methamphetamine. Certain prescription pills could contain, for example, mesocarb or benzphetamine, which might result in that alarming false positive. For further information, especially considering the different brand names that could contain these false positive inducing compounds, it would be best to check with your health care practitioner.

As mentioned earlier, your doctor would be able to guide you with regards to the prescription medication which could interfere with a methamphetamine or amphetamine screening test. These days, companies are offering various kinds of kits which promote home testing, including such amphetamine testing kit. Many people with concerns over prescription medication interfering with test results have opted for such amphetamine screening before the actual drug test. One should also bear in mind that for legal issues, toxicology screens would include a wide range of drugs. For this reason, your doctor should always be consulted when using prescription medication and should be kept informed about the range of such medications that you might be taking at the same time. These drugs have been treated differently, as far as legal classification goes, depending on the country in question. Such amphetamines as well as methamphetamine are deemed to be central nervous system stimulants. In the United States, it is categorized under high potential for abuse.

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