How to Increase Basal Body Temperature

December 16, 2010

The term basal body temperature refers to the lowest temperature of an individual's body under normal circumstances during a given day. The normal circumstances referred to here include normal health and normal environmental conditions. Usually, the basal body temperature is achieved during the deepest sleep. The temperature of the body is a function of a few different factors. Assuming that nutritional levels are normal, the individual's body temperature is affected by the rate of metabolism and by environmental factors such as hot or cold climates. The rate of metabolism is the rate at which the body converts food into heat and energy. The rate of metabolism is governed by glands including the thyroid, the pituitary and the adrenal glands.

The normal range of temperatures of the human body is between 97.5 and 99 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature of an individual's body fluctuates throughout the day based on the level of physical activity. When one indulges in physically intensive tasks, the body has to generate more energy. This creates more heat and will marginally raise the temperature of the body. This is why individuals who exercise tend to sweat as their bodies are trying to cool down. Low basal body temperature may be a symptom of certain medical conditions and is considered to be an unhealthy state of being. Individuals who experience low basal body temperature are often beset with other symptoms such as lethargy, low energy levels, migraines and general malaise. It is important to therefore adjust the basal body temperature or rise the basal body temperature to a more suitable level. Also see how to measure basal body temperature

Individuals should consult their doctors for how to increase basal body temperature. There are several steps that one may take to adjust the basal body temperature. However too much increase in the basal body temperature causes other major conditions or illnesses and therefore it is necessary that you consult your doctor on treatment methods. Tests may reveal problems with thyroid function which should be addressed. Improving one's thyroid function is one way for how to increase basal body temperature. They thyroid gland is not the only gland associated with body temperature. Patients should therefore consult with their doctors about how to increase basal body temperature. It should be noted that any temperature level as low as 97.3 degrees Fahrenheit is considered to be normal, even if it is on the lower side of the normal scale. It is only when the temperature falls below this level consistently over a period of time that one needs to figure out how to increase basal body temperature. Improved gland function will boost other facets of the individual's health as well.

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