What Does Abnormal Liver Function Test Mean

December 22, 2010

The liver is a complicated and vital organ of the human body. It performs several different functions that are associated with most of the basic body functions. The liver produces several different substances which are useful for digestion and the normal functioning of the body. The liver is used for detoxification which makes it vulnerable to coming into contact with many foreign substances that can damage it. The liver is also responsible for the synthesis of proteins. It is not possible to live without a liver that is at least partially functional. Liver disease symptoms should therefore be taken very seriously. Like most medical conditions, it is possible to treat the liver if the condition has been caught early enough. This helps to provide the body with a chance to repair the damaged liver tissues before the damage is too severe. One of the most known abnormal liver function causes is alcohol as it tends to affect directly affect the health of the liver.

A liver function tests are actually a set of blood tests conducted on the individual to establish the efficiency of liver function. This set of tests is often called a liver panel. Because the liver is such a complicated organ, it requires many different substances to be tested in order to establish the status of its condition. There is no single product of the liver that could be used to figure out the health of the liver. One may also perform some abnormal liver function tests that can help to understand if the liver is actually functioning poorly. When the cells of the liver are damaged, liver enzymes may be found in the blood. This is a sign that liver cells are being broken up and their contents are being released into the blood stream.

There are many different abnormal liver function symptoms. Abnomal liver function tests would be indicative of the condition of jaundice. Jaundice is a condition where the skin appears yellow. In some cases, the white of the eye will also appear yellow in color. The liver also helps to process food by producing bile. Abnormal liver function tests would therefore cause symptoms of improper digestion. The individual may suffer from vomiting and diarrhea as a result of this. Fecal matter can be dark or light if the liver is not working properly. Urine will most likely appear darkened during this period as well. It is also likely that the individual will experience pain in the chest and upper abdomen, particularly if the liver is inflamed because of whatever condition is affecting the patient.

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