Home DNA Test

Submitted on March 27, 2012

DNA testing, though not routine, has become a very popular test in many countries. DNA testing is widely used in legal cases for paternity claims. DNA testing is also very important in many forensic cases where there is lack of evidence.

Home DNA Testing

Home DNA testing is usually used to determine paternity. This is unlike the home test results in which you get the test results instantly. The home DNA tests allow the person being tested to have the flexibility of using their own DNA samples. Since DNA is present in almost all bodily fluids, there are multiple ways in which you can take samples. The take at home DNA test also allows you to maintain complete anonymity and have the comfort of your own home to perform the tests.

Test Kits

Home DNA test kits typically come with a detailed instruction set. The kit contains easy to use techniques for collecting samples from the body for the DNA test. The kit usually also contains a pre paid return envelope which can be used to send your samples across to the laboratory. Since this is a complex test, it can only be performed in a laboratory setting. The cost of the kit and the lab test are not very large and are usually placed just under $100.

The test kit includes a collection kit with instructions.Shipping charges (by way of pre-paid envelopes) and the procedure to be followed to confirm paternityare also included in the kit. Apart from that, there is also the provision for sending in the test results confidentially to you by email or by post. A standard test will take about three days to complete, after being received at the laboratory. Most of the test centers also offer express services at a slightly higher rate. If you ask for express services, the testing period will be reduced to just one day.

Most of the testing centers also offer the highest levels of confidentiality. There are levels of security codes available so that no one can access your test results apart from you. It is important to note that even though home DNA tests are usually accurate, they can only be used for personal knowledge and are not admissible in any court of law.

If you are looking for a DNA test in order to claim paternity rights or child support, it is best to get a test done through an approved clinic. There are different procedures of collecting samples in case you have to produce the results in a legal establishment.