Tests For Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) at Home

Submitted on March 27, 2012

Home STD Tests

Home STD tests are the most convenient way to screen yourself for a sexually transmitted disease. Home STD tests kits are gaining in popularity because of the social apprehension associated with the confirmation of the presence of an STD. Since an STD test may also involve a physical examination of the genitalia, a lot of people feel embarrassed and may ultimately avoid going to a doctor for a test. A home test kit is a viable option for such people. It may be worthy to note, however, that home test kits may not always be completely accurate and may often give false results.

Statistically, it has been seen that over the last few years, Chlamydia outbreaks have increased by over 40% in the United States of America. Many people who are infected with Chlamydia show no symptoms, however it remains the most common (but treatable) venereal disease.


When you use an at home STD test, you need to take some special precautions. Though these tests are simple, it is important to follow all the instructions to the letter in order to make sure that the test results are as accurate as possible. Though home STD testing is extremely convenient, it is also not very reliable and therefore it is recommended that you visit a doctor in order to get yourself tested.

A simpler way to avoid the embarrassment of visiting the doctor and still get accurate results while staying at home is to order an online test and post them samples of your urine. The lab will run the necessary tests and then send you the complete reports in a day or two. In this kind of a test also, there is a risk factor involved. This is because the handling of the sample may not be perfect and this may cause the sample to get contaminated.

Online STD Tests

Many of the online tests or STD home testing kits may make tall claims but actually have little merit. They may be able to entice you with their cheap prices but may not offer the best quality in return. It is therefore best to steer clear of such tests since the results of these tests cannot be trusted at all. STD home testing can only be trusted if they have been approved by regulatory authorities. A home test for STD is especially beneficial for those who have had sexual intercourse with a potentially infected person. A take home STD test can give you quick results and put your worrying mind at ease.