What Are The Benefits Of DNA Testing?

Submitted by Medical Health Test Team on October 16, 2012

Genetic Testing Benefits

DNA testing benefits are manifold. There are several reasons why a DNA test may be carried out. These range from establishing paternity to testing for inherited genetic diseases, or carrier testing, or even to ascertain guilt in a criminal case. It is the certainty and accuracy of a DNA test result that provides the many benefits of DNA testing. The fingerprinting and profiling that is carried out for a DNA test helps to identify people.

Take for example genetic screening. This kind of DNA test helps to diagnose genetic disorders. This DNA test checks for any alterations in the chromosomes and genes of a person. Any abnormalities could be responsible for causing genetic disorders.

Paternity tests are

A DNA test can also be used to search for ancestors. The origins of one’s ancestors can be traced back to several hundreds of years through another area where people benefit from DNA testing. Such tests are fairly common now and is a good way of not only getting peace of mind but also help to settle legal issues involved with paternity. Apart from a DNA test for paternity, there is now also a demand for grandparent and sibling tests. This is yet another aspect where DNA testing benefits the people concerned. Armed with the correct information, people can take decisions on insurance claims or even inheritance rights.

Another well known benefit of a DNA test is in the area of criminal justice. A mere fingerprint is all it takes to convict a guilty person and to exonerate an innocent one. A DNA test helps a criminal investigation to go ahead and in many times, is the deciding factor that solves the case. Samples of criminals are now stored so that the police can compare and check when new crimes are committed.

One of the best benefits DNA testing offers is through prenatal genetic tests. These types of DNA tests help doctors to determine whether an unborn child will have any health problems at birth. A DNA test also helps doctors to determine whether any genetic diseases can be passed from one generation to the next.

DNA testing benefits now extend to screening for genetic markers for diseases like Alzheimer’s and cancer.

Newborn genetic screening is another benefit of DNA testing. This is carried out to identify genetic disorders in newborns. Early diagnosis helps in starting treatment promptly and also helps to reduce symptoms that can cause disability. Carrier testing is another DNA test that is performed to find hidden or recessive genes that could cause genetic disorders.

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