Abdominal Ultrasound For Gallbladder Check

Submitted by Medical Health Test Team on October 18, 2012

An ultrasound test is an imaging based diagnostic technique that is used to analyze the internal organs of the body. This test uses high frequency sound which is passed through the body of an individual being tested. The various organs of the body reflect the sound which is then received by the machine sending out the sound. This reflected sound allows the machine to project an image of the internal organ structure of a person. Any tear, damage or inflammation will be visible in such a test. The presence of a tumor on any organ may also be visible in this test as the tumor cells will reflect sound differently from the healthy cells around them. This image is a vital diagnostic tool for a doctor who can use it to analyze the patient's health and take further action if any problem detected.

The gall bladder is a part of the digestive system. It is not a part of the pathway that the food follows but is an organ that aids the process of digestion and stores bile. Bile is a product of the liver which is useful in the breakdown of fats. The gall bladder is used to store bile so that during periods of digestion, the excess requirement of bile is taken care of by liver production coupled with gall bladder release. During its stay in the gall bladder, the bile fluid becomes more concentrated thus increasing its effect in the digestive process. The gall bladder is not an essential organ of the body and a person can have the gall bladder removed if there is an infection or some damage that has occurred to it. Without a gall bladder, apart from avoiding large quantities of fat in the diet, there is no major effect on a person's health. The gall bladder can be infected or be blocked due to infection and such a condition is likely to cause problems to an individual. These problems may include pain, digestive distress and bloating from indigestion.

An abdominal ultrasound can be conducted to check the gall bladder. Any inflammation of the bladder will be immediately visible in such a test. If the gall bladder has collected bile fluid and is not passing it out due to a blockage, it would be visible in the ultrasound test. Once such a problem is diagnosed the underlying cause is looked for. However, in many cases, the immediate solution is taken, and that is the removal of the gall bladder through surgery.

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